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    Jason - Thanks for posting this. I had emails from few other users as well about this feature and I was about to post it here for community discussion. While designing Dyrii we felt that rich text editor would be more intuitive and superior to markdown editor from an average user's perspective. Having said that, we are looking at Markdown editors once again.

    Few questions:

    • What is your favorite markdown editor for iOS and Mac?
    • Have you encountered any pain points while using markdown?
    • Would you export/import data in markdown format? Have you heard about or used  .textbundle export/import format?


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    Jason Yim

    Hi Alex, thanks for the reply.

    • I don't have a particularly favorite editor. I just use whatever platform I'm on. I guess I was a fan of Mou before it stopped supporting OS X 10.13 and never got updated. I also liked Day One's Markdown a lot. 
    • Not really. I like it for its simplicity and speed when typing. Yes there are times when I wish the editor I'm using had custom tags for features like color but it's usually beyond what I need for quick journaling.
    • No, personally I won't need the import/export feature. Although I can see how others who often write might want it. I'm a student, programmer who just keeps a personal journal :) 
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    Jim Davis

    I also would like to see Markdown used in Dyrii. I use Markdown in several other applications and it would be very helpful to be able to copy/paste info to/from Dyrii. The editor I use the most is multi-markdown composer by Fletcher Penny. But, the version used in Day One would be very helpful. I would like to be able to insert links to other sites and data -- including other days and notes in Dyrii.

    I have no pain points with markdown.

    I use Ulysses a lot as well. The version of Markdown used in that app is fine. Finally, Bear Writer has been helpful and I keep some data there, including web site clippings. Internally linking to other data is important.

    I have heard of text bundles. I believe both Bear and Ulysses use that format.

    What other info would be helpful to you?

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    John West

    I too use markdown as my prefered method of formatting text for later transfer.  I use Bear now and used to use Ulysees until it blew up expense wise. I have an app called Caret from that works well on windows and macOS, which I use primarily when bear isn't available. I would say the only friction I have now with Dyrii is the title for entries, I am a fan of first line is fine as the title, and MD.

    Thanks for your work. 

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    Tim Wilson

    +1 for this, and Day One's markdown flavor is sufficient (One nice feature they added is checkboxes using "- [ ]" and "- [x]" for empty and checked boxes respectively, and once compiled you can just tap/click the checkbox to check it).

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