Simplification: Replace Afterthought with the ability to edit entries



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    I would like to disagree. I feel after thoughts are a nice addition. I have many afterthoughts for posts made earlier. When we scan through and read old entries, I tend to add more comments as after thoughts which creates a nice threaded view of comments.


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    I think Kenneth's key pain point is inability to edit some of the entries such as Sketch, Audio, Video, and Health related posts. We disabled that on the iOS due to some pending work we had to do to support edits to these types of posts. We are planning to extend edit option to all types of posts soon.

    Regarding Afterthoughts feature, I personally like it. It is right now displayed in a rather simple way but with some UI emphasis, I think it will not only look good but add a lot of value. 

    I will tell you one example of how one user uses it. This user has anger management issues and typically writes when angry to vent out the emotion. After some time, this user goes back to the post and reviews how that emotion made him feel and how things got exaggerated. Instead of editing the post, this user enters After thoughts to that post to record lessons from that event. This is a very common use case and extends to other facets of life as well. So I agree with Praveen, this is a valuable feature.

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    Avrum Nadigel

    I use Afterthoughts all the time. It's a brilliant feature, and one that I find lacking in similar applications. 

    In time, I'll post a video of how I use Afterthoughts - to structure a narrative and meaning around projects/ideas I'm keeping track of.   

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    Right, I concede that adding an afterthought after some time probably is a good idea.  I can definitely see the value of how you folks are using it in that regard.  But as Alex said, the real sticking point is not being able to edit some of the entries.  Once that's in place, I think that would help tremendously in correcting the feeling of being "boxed in" by an entry that I've added.

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