Multiple diary/journal support



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    I agree.  Definitely need multiple journals.

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    I agree also. It doesn't have to be different journals per se, but some type of categorization system for journal entries to keep them separate.

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    Agreed, there is a need for better organization. We are working on some ideas and I will share some more information soon.

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    Jim Davis

    Any update to this suggestion?

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    No support for multiple journal and choosing theme color is what holding me off since a long time in continuing to use Dyrii app. I personally prefer adding multiple journal support than any new features getting added of recent late. 

    As per initial discussion I had with Alex, multiple journal support was planned around Jan 2018. May we know what's the current stand on this main feature?

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    We are still reviewing this feature request and we don't have a planned ETA for this feature. More to come on this soon.

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    Eduardo Gac

    It would be very important for me to have MULTIPLE JOURNALS / MULTIPLE DIARIES 
    I need different Diaries for:

    1. personal diary 
    2. work diary (professional)
    3. Club diary 
    4. Religious diary
    5. travels diary
    6. others

    It would be awesome to have them set with different THEME colors.

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