How secured is the data?



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    I think lot of people might have this question so thanks for asking!

    We store user data on user's iCloud Private Database (CloudKit) and copies of backups (if enabled under Personalize) in iCloud Drive. Note, there is a difference between iCloud Drive and CloudKit. Data stored on iCloud Drive is visible to the user via File System, whereas data stored in the CloudKit database is not visible to the user and can be accessed only via the app that is creating it. In both cases, the user created data is private to the user and the app developer cannot access or read it. To learn more about Apple's iCloud, please visit this page.

    We also do not have direct access to user’s personal iCloud information such as iCloud Email Address so we cannot correlate which iCloud Account belongs to which specific user unless you provide us your iCloud Identifier ID in support communication or you associate it a Web Account Email (optional under settings). We do collect some personal information to provide customer support which we have clarified in our privacy policy.

    Regarding encryption, yes data is end to end encrypted using Apple's Operating system similar to how it is done in Apple iMessage, Apple Notes etc. We do not do additional encryption of on top of Apple's. Since we cannot access the user data, you don't need to worry about anyone else accessing your data. As long as you follow Apple Security Guidelines (such as password protecting your devices, adding 2-factor authentication to your iCloud Account etc.), you have nothing to worry. 

    Important Note: We currently do not encrypt backup files, so if you manually copy them to an unsafe location, then your data could get compromised. So, please store your backups in a safe location (for example an encrypted external hard drive that is kept in a secure physical location). 

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    Thanks for the clarification.

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