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    Richard - Thanks, for your feedback! We are aware of this problem and we are evaluating how to solve this.

    The easy solution is throwing marketing dollars at it but that will force us to raise prices on the app and that is not something we want to do. We are right now relying on word of mouth and reviews on the App store to drive our growth. If you haven't already reviewed us on the App store, please do. That is a big factor in getting the App appear higher in the search results.

    We are also reaching out to select bloggers and journalists for a review. Francesco D'Alessio's Channel looks like a great place. Thanks for recommending us there. I will also reach out to him.

    Can you tell me through which site you found us? I am keeping a tab of all sites where people are discussing about Dyrii so I will add this one to my list.

    Please also let me know if you have more suggestions on where we could effectively promote the app. 


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