Health and Mood tracking



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    Health tracking is one of the main reasons I just started using Dyrii and subscribed to premium. I was using a different journal app but it's much nicer to be able to have a custom entry type like Dyrii has.

    The interface for entering a health entry on the Mac app needs to be more like the iOS app where I can choose the symptom and a scale. I'd also like to see the scale be more than 4 choices. The "standard" pain scale doctor's use with patients is 1 through 10, but you could probably cut this down to 6 by adding a rating point between Low and Medium, and between Medium and High.

    It would also be nice to expand the symptoms list or allow custom. For instance "back pain" is too general -- it should be broken up into lower back and upper back. Same goes for abdomen. I would also like to see Flank added. And it would be nice to have left and right designators as pain is often limited to one side.

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    Andrew Mutavdzija

    I'm big on quantified self, so I enjoy the perspectives section. Maybe more ways to view data or comparisons, month vs. month, etc. This is a little broader than simply the health and mood tracking, but I think this is what I'd use it for the most. 

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