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    Thomas Landgraeber

    A "better design leader chief"? LOL

    If you don't like Dyrii's look and feel, why not look somewhere else? There is no shortage of journaling and note-taking apps out there. 

     I only find the Dyrii Mac version's text color a bit too light.


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    Eduardo - Thanks for your feedback! While I agree there is lot of room to improve the design, I don't agree with your below statement:

    "We need them to be more retina 4k beautiful with full definition resolution well designed buttons. Thats not very professional."

    May be the icons are rending distorted in your device? Can you please tell me more? 

    I agree with your comment about making the + button more accessible by placing it towards the bottom of the screen. We can look into improving that.

    Thomas - I have noted down your feedback about the text color on Mac App being too light. We will improve that soon.



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    Thomas Landgraeber

    Alex, thanks for considering.

    I'd also love the red accent color to be a more saturated. For my taste, it's a little bit too pale. Especially in the iOS versions.

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