So: Journey or Dyrii?



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    Jason A

    I've also been trying to get any more information but without luck. I'm also very wary of continuing to use the app without knowing what the recent announcement really means. It's a shame because it's a beautiful app. I'm also with Day One (with huge reservations) and Journey (which I think is about to take off in a good way).

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    David Butenhof

    I suppose at least one thing is clear: the Dyrii developers don't have much interest in their support forum!

    Hardly conclusive, but not a very good sign...

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    Sorry about the delay in responding back. To answer your question, the app will continue to be sold in the App store and we will continue to support it and address bugs. The announcement is about our decision to not develop new features in the app since we are no longer subscription based.

    We believe the app as it stands now already has a good set of features to meet most user needs. And we also want to partition and make it clear that users are buying a set of predefined features under the one-time purchase as opposed to expecting us to continue adding new features for free. We may in the future release v2 as a separate app. But we don't have an ETA for that (it is at least 2-3 years down). 

    I hope this makes sense and addresses some of your concerns. Please let me know if you have further questions.

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    David Butenhof

    Thanks for the answer, Alex.

    I understand that the inability to charge small upgrade fees for minor enhancements short of justifying a major new release can be a problem under Apple's model. Even so, I've seen very few developers if any who make such a sharp cutoff as you're announcing. I'm uncomfortable about walking into a new app already knowing that the developers are set against any consideration of small improvements I might want to suggest... which is not unlikely given that I'm coming from long experience with another approach on journalling. Sounds like I'm almost guaranteed to feel confined and frustrated from the beginning. I guess I need to decide how much money I'm willing to throw away just to experiment... but I guess it really comes down to that anyway, in the end.

    In any case, I understand what you're saying.

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